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Bossa Nova Baby


Aya takes an energetic romp back in time to the swanky Vegas lounges of the 1960's where cocktails, fringe, and beautiful women were abound.

So Rare


Dressed in a true vintage ballgown as rare as a gemstone, Aya dazzles the crowd as she floats across the stage. When the music changes,  the action picks up and in the finale there is a suprise that will leave a smile on your face.

The Duchess


Covered in royal shades of purple and lavender, Aya tempts and tantalizes to Duke Ellington's classic "Such Sweet Thunder". 

Let Me Show You


Inspired by exploitation films of the 1960's, Aya performs as a femme fetale reminiscent of a Russ Meyer film superwoman.  She will show you how and have you wanting more.

Goddess Unknown


Rising from the depths of the unknown, cloaked in mystery, Aya reveals herself layer by layer in the slow, sensual, and steamy act.

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