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Aya Fontaine grew up in the suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio. With stars in her eyes, she began performing ballet, jazz and tap at a young age.  She was accepted into the prestigious dance program at the University of Akron where she continued to study and perform until she moved to Las Vegas in 2009.

Fascinated with the golden era of glamour and classic Las Vegas showgirl productions, Aya fell in love with the art of burlesque. She began studying  with Cha Cha Velour in 2012 and has been performing burlesque all over Las Vegas since. 


In addition to performing, Aya is also a teacher of the art of tease and is available for private lessons upon request.



"...and when Fontaine shook her emerald skirt free from her pale hips and gave her brown hair a shake, I’m pretty sure steam rose from a few heads in the crowd."


-Molly O'Donnell, Las Vegas Weekly-


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